Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Must Read;How to make it in the entertainment industry in 23 easy steps by Teju Babyface

is a popular face in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, with about two decades of experience, spanning movies, comedy and television.

So when he writes about how to achieve success in the industry, it would make sense to sit up and pay attention.
The book, Secrets of the Street, available for purchase on NETShop, shares 23 secrets to achieve success in the entertainment industry, in Nigeria and elsewhere.
According to the writer and comedian, real name Teju Oyelakin, he hopes ‘that this book will provide answers for millions of young people across Africa who desire to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, it is more than just a book written to that industry.’
Even though the experiences shared in the book are personal, the principles shown in them are universal and would help anyone trying to make a mark in the entertainment industry.


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